Dewey's 24hr Readathon Wrap-up

So Dewey’s finished for another round. I’m sad about that, cause I love participating even though I can never keep up with everyone throughout the readathon, I’ve got a bit to catch up on later. I was going to wait until tomorrow to write this post but daylight savings ended this morning where I live so my internal body clock is a little confused and I feel wide awake, so I thought I’d do a quick wrap up now.

Did I get to everything on my TBR?

I read at least a little bit from three out of five books from my tbr. I didn’t even open The Priory of the Orange Tree or The Disasters, I decided Priory was just too intimating to finish in this readathon. Though I’ll definitely be finishing it soon cause I loved what I’ve read. And I didn’t pick up The Disasters because I wasn’t feeling in a sf mood.

So what did I read?

I started out the night with Strange the Dreamer, I’d been wanting to re-read it for awhile so I can finally read Muse of Nightmares. But at the beginning of the readathon I’d only gotten to chapter two.I read about one hundred pages and then decided to go to sleep cause I was tired and didn’t want to destroy my sleep schedule too much.

Then I woke up at 5:30 am because I’d forgotten to change my alarm clock an hour back for daylight savings. I picked up my phone at that point and started reading Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine, I kept falling asleep while reading it though, I’d read a bit then I’d wake up later realising I’d fallen asleep, then read a bit more until I fell asleep, this went on for awhile. But once I reached one hundred pages I decided to actually get up. I ended up putting it down for the rest of the readathon because I wanted to focus on finishing Strange the Dreamer.

I managed to squeeze in a little time for an uni assignment, so I won’t fall behind on that. Yay!

Next I had to do some washing and clean up my room, I’m really not sure how it gets as messy as it does. So I decided to listen to Monster Blood, I only had 30mins left and because I listen to it on x3 speed it didn’t take long to finish it. Because I still had more cleaning to do and I had to hang up my washing I ended picking up One Day at Horrorland also by R.L Stine and finished that one too. Honestly I didn’t enjoy them as much as Stay Out of the Basement by R.L Stine, which I read last month. I’m not sure if I want to read anymore of them at the moment, maybe the novelty of nostalgia has worn off for the moment.

After that I picked up Strange the Dreamer and pretty much read it straight through, except for when I went and made dinner. This book was such a good re-read, I loved it even more the second time around and I wanna pick up Muse now, but I’m still reading like three books, so I’m going to wait till I’ve got that a bit more under control, but I will be picking it up soon.

Final thoughts?

I think this was a successful readathon, I got my currently reading list from five to three. Also I finally managed to re-read Strange.

Let’s Chat

So that’s how my readathon went. Did you participate? If so how did it go? If not did you do any reading this week end? Let me know in the comments.