April Reading Wrap Up 2019

Sorry this is so late. I’ve been away for a bit, I went home for break and then when I got back I had a few assessments that needed my attention. These past couple of months I’ve been feeling super tired and unmotivated, barley able to much more than school work, everything else felt like so much effort.

Anyway I’m trying to work on that so I’m back. Despite how I was feeling I managed to read quiet a bit in April.

What I Read.

In April I participated in Dewey’s 24hr read-a-thon and that’s were the first reads of the month came from. I did a whole wrap up for that which you can read here. So I’ll just give a brief list of what I read then:

  • One Day at Horrorland By R.L. Stine (on audio)

  • Monster Blood By R.L. Stine (on audio)

  • Strange the Dreamer By Laini Taylor

A few days after that I went for the first time to my new city’s library and since I had a few hours to kill, I looked at their picture book/graphic novel section and read a few while I was there.

  • The Adventuress By Audrey Niffenegger- This one was a bit strange, and I’m not sure how to explain it. I did think it was good though. I needed to sit with it for awhile to put it together in my mind.

  • The Three Incestuous Sisters By Audrey Niffenegger- I don’t know how to describe this book, it was weird but I liked it, I think though it could have benefited from being longer so that some things could have been better explained and explored.

  • Tales From the Inner City By Shaun Tan- This book is a collection of stories about animals living in the city. I always love finding a Shaun Tan book at the library, something about his art style draws me in. I loved the way the stories were kind of like fairy tales but also something completely different.

  • The Arrival By Shaun Tan- I think this one is one of his most popular books, it’s about immigration and how difficult it is. There are no words in this book simply pictures, it’s so good, it was from my understanding very realistic but respectful. Also the illustrations are beautiful.

  • Heartstoppers Vol. 1 By Alice Oseman- I really enjoyed I Was Born For This when I read it earlier this year, so when I saw this I had to pick it up. This comic is about Nick and Charlie’s relationship. It was a really quick and fun read and after finishing it I did find the web comic and binge it.

I really enjoyed that trip to the library, it was so peaceful to be able to relax and switch off for a couple of hours. In the rest of the month I read:

  • Eleanor Ophilant is Completely Fine By Gail Honeyman- This book is about Eleanor Ophilant whose life is completely routine, and she is not really happy and about how she changes that and gets help. While I don’t think this book is bad and I was fine while I was reading it afterwards I felt really strange. It wasn’t like I was super sad but I just felt like it had drained a lot from me and that I couldn’t do anything after that. Though that may have more to do with me than the book, however the feeling I got after reading this book did mean I can’t look back and think of it fondly.

  • Flux By Orion Carloto- This is poetry collection about relationships and healing, it also has illustrations, I really liked the illustrations. I couldn’t relate to the poems a lot, but they were mostly well written, there was a couple of times when I read a bit and thought it was a bit extra, but overall I think it was a good collection.

  • Saga Land By Richard Fidler and Kári Gíslason (on audio)- I really enjoyed this book, it’s about the Icelandic sagas but also about Richard and Kári’s journeys in Iceland. Listening to it on audio was a really enjoyable experience. The only part I didn’t enjoy was the weird chess narrative that was towards the end, it felt very random.

  • In Paris: 20 Women on Life in the City of Lights By Lauren Bastide and Georgia Collins, Translated by Jeanne Damas- This book is a series of biographies/interviews of 20 different creative women who live in Paris about Paris. It was good, I enjoyed it. It has some really nice photos. While I don’t think it was super remarkable it was interesting.

  • Going Bovine By Libba Bray- I’m always hesitant to read other books by authors who I’ve previously enjoyed a series they wrote, because what if it turns out I just like that series and not anything else by them. However I did enjoy Going Bovine, it did really remind me of Dirk Gently though, and I’m sure that I remember a Douglas Adams comparison, so that makes sense. This book is about a guy who gets mad cow disease and goes on an adventure. I loved the inclusion of Norse mythology and just the overall weirdness of this book, it didn’t always make the most sense but that’s okay.

  • The Art of Taxidermy By Sharon Kernot- This is a short novel written in verse about a girl dealing with grief as well as societies expectations. This was beautifully written. And I always love reading Australian fiction, I don’t read nearly enough but this one really felt like a slice of Australia which was nice.

Favourite Books of the Month

I want to try doing a favourite books of the month, I read a lot of good books in April but my favourite reads of the month were The Arrival By Shaun Tan and Strange the Dreamer By Laini Taylor.

Let’s Chat

So that was all the books that I read in April. What was you favourire book that you read in April?